Reliable Affordable Streaming

Encore Theatre was built to provide an enterprise live and pre-recorded theatre streaming solution at a price that allows producers and customers to profit from affordable streaming. We can handle a complete venue internet outage and still provide perfect streaming!

Most reliable theatre streaming platform.

We know the importance of perfect streaming for your Theatre, Dance, and other events. Live video is important to reaching your audience and has been shown to provide 5-15 times better engagement than video on demand. However with our platform, we can give you both meaning you can reach your full audience potential.

Some other live streaming services rely on outdated methods which cannot account for packet loss that occurs naturally on the internet. Stream-Theatre provides high-quality streaming even through significant interruptions thanks to RSP. With the use of RSP this makes our live streams some of the most reliable you will find.

Lets keep it secure​

We keep your stream secure, We do not share links to streams to clients who buy them. Users have to log into the site to watch any content that they buy meaning that you can be sure that only the people who buy your stream watch it. All video are protected by advance PHP code that done not alow the recording of streams, limited the liklyhood that a bootleg recording will show up on the web. 

Who are we built for? is set up to give the producers the best streaming tools for them to enable the production of live and pre-recorded streams. Each show that we list has there own landing page where your customers can purchase the stream. We offer low commissions for streams that are produced externally, We do offer a full solution for all the technical aspects of your show, from Sound and Lights to the production of the final live stream or pre recorded show. Our landing pages can be integrated into your own sites along with the ability to market your shows with your own databases.

We can also offer a landing page for all of your shows in addition to the individual landing pages if you have more then one show listed with us